What Size Pants Does Justin Bieber Wear?


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Justin Bieber wears size 28 pants. He is known to wear his pants very low, which has resulted in them falling down a few times!

What size pants does Justin Bieber wear? Bieber's wardrobe contains a huge number of size 28 pants, and the singer is seen in a completely new pair almost every day.

Justin Bieber's image is carefully controlled by his record label and his mentor, Usher - and keeping the singer on the cutting edge of fashion could well ensure that his records keep selling.

With regard to marketing, Justin Bieber's fashion style is almost as important as his music. The singer employs his own stylist to ensure that he always looks good and to help him work on appearing "streetwise", and this has made Bieber even more popular amongst his primary target market - young teenage girls.

Selena Gomez As of Februray 2011, Justin Bieber has been dating fellow teenage star, Selena Gomez - who has also found it hard to tell Justin to keep his pants pulled up! The singer's pants have fallen down numerous times on camera...

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