What Kind Of Clothes Does Selena Gomez Like To Wear?


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Pippa Corbett answered
Selena Gomez has been spotted wearing clothes from stores like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and even Target.

However, she's also known for sporting glamorous gowns when hitting the red carpet.

What clothes does Selena Gomez wear?
Just like you and me, Selena Gomez's dress sense will vary depending on what she's got planned for the day.

When she's just out and about doing her thing and hanging with friends, then she's most likely to wear casual clothes.

Selena has been seen wearing knitwear, vintage clothing, 'jeggings', denim shorts and printed t-shirts when out following her daily routine.

On the beach, she's been photographed wearing Victoria's Secret bikini tops.

When Selena is at award ceremonies or other celebrity events, she tends to wear more elaborate gowns, or dresses. I particularly liked the strapless leopard-print Dolce&Gabbana dress that she wore to the press release of her movie Spring Breakers.
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Sophisticated clothes like gowns, boho chic clothes, etc... She does not follow trends. She is her own personal stylist.

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