Where Can I Watch Jimmy Neutron The N Men?


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You can watch the Nickelodeon series Jimmy Neutron in a variety of places and episode the N Men is no exception. Some places you can try are the following:

  • YouTube, there are several episodes available for streaming although I'm not sure these are official and the quality may not be great.
  • Download using Bittorrent or through a direct download on a fan site perhaps, you can maybe find an up to date link using a search engine such as Google. Again the quality here may be patchy and you should be careful of accidentally downloading viruses and be aware that this may be copyright infringement.
  • You could watch the show on one of the Nickelodeon TV channels when it is broadcast
  • You could buy or rent the DVD or Blu-ray of the series and watch the episode
In the episode in question, Jimmy Neutron and his friends, Carl, Cindy, Libby and Sheen are transformed after being zapped in the Van Patten Radiator Belt so that they receive mutant super powers. This is a parody of the Fantastic Four who gained their powers through cosmic rays
  • Jimmy is then able to turn into a monster like the Incredible Hulk with super powered strength.
  • Carl has the super belch power
  • Cindy has the ability to fly as well as super strength
  • Libby can create force fields and manipulate them as well as being able to turn invisible
  • While Sheen gets super speed

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