What Is The Most Important Consideration When You Are Buying Groceries: Price Or Quality?


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I like quality.but my mum does price coz she has 2 buy 4 7 ppl
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Keith Old
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Yoour mum probably has the final word Tortoise. :>)
Tortoise is awesome
Yea she does 4 wen shes buying. But i go 2 the shops after skewl and buy stuff and she just sighs
HKP hkp
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Me too prefer quality first...
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I have to say both ,but sometimes you have to test the cheap stuff for taste to find out that it's identical to the brand named high price foods. Believe or not ripley. The generic is the same identical food that is in the brand name wrapper/containers.I like ravioli but when it goes above a dollar a can I switch to the store brand(84 cents a can) and found it to be almost identical  to the chef or franco american. I also tried the kraft (supposedly real cheese) cheese slices at almost 3.75 a pack of 24 and found it to taste like cheese food out of a can(cheese whiz). So I tried the store brand real cheese(turned out to be real cheese and not cheese food) at 10 dollars for 3 lbs-72 slices slightly cheaper but way better.the only difference was the wrapper was plain white and blue lettering.one item I did find that held it's value and the brand name/quality was yoder's french onion dip for chips.it was 15 cents cheaper per container and tasted way better than the store brand.even though the store brand had more real veggies in it.(this could partly be my taste also).the real kicker is the deli - meats section compared to the already packaged meat of the same exact brand sometimes the packaged meat is cheaper for the same amount (a pound)and sometimes the deli meat/cut by a counter person is cheaper.I guess that is the price game of the store.the other food I found that the name brand held  it's value/quality was home pride bread,but I buy it at a discount bakery goods store(hostess store) for a dollar a loaf(giant loaf) compared to the store where it is sold for 2 dollars a regular loaf.so some of the price and quality is finding when and where to buy your groceries.the one item I notice the price going all over the price level is coke and pepsi. I go in to shop one week and it's $5.96 a 24 pack and then the next week it will be $7.00. Then I go in just before christmas and thought I stepped back into time, because the coke was priced $3.96 a 24 pack. With no limit sooooo :) I loaded up as much as the cart would hold. If you can't tell I watch the prices and the items I buy pretty close. : ). I hate to pay more for something than the next guy is paying for the same items.I'll quit now.blah blah blah yackity smackity.
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Bad feeling Nomad.
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No bad feelings just had time on my hands after shoveling the driveway off and i am tired/worn out so i am stuck to/ in this chair til my body decides to regain it's strength enough to be able to go get something to eat. Basically instead of answering a lot of questions i decided to answer this one with what i usually find when shopping for food. And then at the end i got bored and could have went on and on but instead i ended it with blah blah blah yackity smackity.i had said enough. : )
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Price really should be but it isn't. I need quality if I am getting bang for the buck in my kitchen. If it tastes awful it won't be enjoyed, if it is lacking in nutrients then it is not as beneficial.
For me I will always attempt to get the best ingredients for the most reasonable prices.

For food it can be quality over quantity in most cases. As long as everybody gets enough to hold them over, not stuff them completely everyday lol
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Both. I'm not afraid of "generic" items. As an example, when it comes to mayonnaise, I only buy Hellman's. Did you know that west of the Rockies, Hellman"s is called "Best Buy"? And out there, it's considered "generic"? Another example is ice cream. I used to work for Kemps. A lot of people prefer Kemp's over a lot of the other competitors. Well, Blue Bunny ice cream is the same exact ice cream (batches and all) as Kemp's. These are little things I look for. So, price and quality/quantity are all taken into consideration. Good question!
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Keith Old
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Thanks Wisenhimer. I guess you just have to know what generics are reasonable quality.
The Instigator
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Yeah, many old standard brands and product names have been gobbled up by the huge food conglomerates. Sometimes the ingredients are altered changing the quality and prices and weights. I try different brands (many of the same product are produced by these large companies under various brand names) until I find one that both suits my taste and price standards.
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jacques slabouz answered
I only buy the best of everything as far as food and other earthly items...lol.  But seriously...the best ingredient's make the meal that much better...don't compromise...
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Price and quality is important.  Sometimes things taste and look the same but the price are quite different then I will rather go for the price but there are certain things I buy for the quality no matter what the price are, I will just walk there take it and not look at the price, like coffee there are nothing worse then cheap coffee and then a couple of other things.
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Regarding meat and fresh veggies, I buy quality over price.  But, if it is canned goods or frozen, I buy for the price over quality.  I find little difference in quality in the canned/frozen products so price in my consideration for those.  Dated items such as milk is bought using the date as consideration.  Buying a gallon of milk with a sell by date of tomorrow is not going to happen at my house.  Since it is just my husband and myself at our house, a gallon of milk will spoil before we use it all if it is dated 1-2 days after I purchase it.
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Me, it depends.  Sometimes I buy for
less and sometimes it's a certain brand
name or nothing (ice cream, for instance).
We (I do most of the shopping) need to be
money conscious, but there's no point in
buying something that no one will eat.
Some store brands are okay, but some
(most) are not.   Since I know what can be
found where, I usually shop at this or that
store to get it.
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I like the quality but most of the time it ends up 3 times more expensive. I love fresh produce. I have a friend that sometimes goes to our local farms where we buy fresh fruit & veg plus meat as well. You wouldn't believe the difference in taste if you go to a farmers market, especially with the meat. Plus you seem to get more of it with a cheaper price tag. I think they should ban the fruit & veg in supermarkets. Its put so many farmers growing their crops out of business. We have a local outdoor market in my town centre so I tend to go to them as often as possible to keep them in business. I would love to live on a farm. I love the country side. You can't beat it! Xxx
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Donna Kelly
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Quality about the fruit & veg question but sometimes when i have no money it has to be the other i'm afraid lol xxxxx
Keith Old
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Indeed Donna.
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yarnlady answered
Price is most important. Do the bananas look a little brown - half price; will some of the potatoes have to be thrown out, so what if they cost 1/3 the price; I'll cook the meat today, if it's 30% off.
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Today, it is always price, but if something turns out to be of poor quality, then I will forget about price considerations and purchase the better-quality product.
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Somethings I will go with the cheaper price but not with groceries, you  never ever want to disappoint your palate.
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walter jedyk answered
The quality of the food that is available.
The ripeness of fruits and vegetables thats available.
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Both...in college I had to get what I could get. Now...I stand there arguing with myself...do I want to be cheap or not and how much crap my kid is going to give me when I get home with this.
Your Worst Nightmare Ever Profile
I consder quality more important than the cost. You could buy a 50 cent can , yeah , but you might go home and discover the terrible thing inside it , such as living squiggly worms! Quality is much more important , at least in my opinion.
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Both! You don't want to pay to much for bad,low quality groceries,or pay too much period,looking for sales and deals or buy one get one free or half off is best,of course checking for expiration dates and wilting helps

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