How Do I Download Music On Metro Pcs Lg Lyric?


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First, you will need to get the micro SD card for you phone. I'm not sure about the size limit for the normal music files but, to use a ring tone the file will be need to be placed in the "Audio" file on your phone. (the phone will put it there automatically when you finish steps below) It will need to be no more than 300kb and has to be the MP3 file format. Download your ringtone or music files, which you can get for free from many good websites, to your computer. Use the USB cable that you got with the phone to connect it to your computer. For regular music files, you can Sync the files from your Windows Media player (or whatever you use) to your
phone.  For ringtones make sure that your SD card is in the phone. Not sure what operating system you use,  but I use Windows XP, and when you connect the phone a new device wizard should pop up, just select cancel or whatever you need to close it out. Now, locate the Mass Storage Device on your computer. Using XP you would go to the Start menu, then My computer and you should be able to see your device there, right click on it and select Open. Now locate your music files from your computer and copy or move them to your device. You can just right click on the files you want to select your preference. Make sure to safely disconnect your phone, and your done. Ringtone should be in your Audio folder and regular music files will be in your music section.

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