What Does It Mean When You Feel Light Headed And Sweety When You Are Out Shopping?


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I would think that you are dehydrated. I would keep a bottle of Gatorade or some kind of drink with electrolytes with you while you shop which could be anywhere from 1-3 hours.. Or more depending on how long you shop for.
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It could mean that your sugar is dropping. Eat something sweet , or drink orange juice. Have your doctor your glucose.

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If you find that you are craving orange juice, then I would have to say that you are low on potassium, which orange juice has a lot of, and so do bananas. Next time you go shopping, try to make sure that you eat a banana and a glass of juice, see if that doesn't help. The other option is that you are starting to go through menopause. Ugh, I know that one. Do you feel flush from the chest to the top of your head? Do you get night sweats? If this is the case, you need to see your doctor about it. Hope this helps you out, good luck.
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There are a few reasons that I know of and the effects can last different lengths of time depending on which is the cause.
Sometimes it's because of going from one temperature change to another. If there is a large enough difference in temperature. Another is anxiety. If your over excited; you can even pass out. And then there is the chance that you could just have your blood pressure go up when you see the prices of what your wanting to buy. Lastly it could be that your around more people than you usually are around otherwise. I'm sure there could be other reasons also; but those are the ones that I know about. Hopefully this helps.
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Sweety or sweaty if it is sweety probably low sugar sweaty you are shopping to hard

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