What Episode Does Rogue Kiss Gambit In X-Men Evolution?


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X-Men Evolution's Rogue, a girl with the power to remove physical strength and read minds, has kissed Gambit, kinetic energy manipulator, a few times. This includes both in the comic book and on-screen in X-Men Evolution. We see Rogue kiss Gambit in:

  • The X-Men Comic No. 41
  • X-Men: Evolution- Series 3, Episode 11 (Dark Horizon)
The relationship between Rogue and Gambit is clearer in the Marvel Comic's version of X-Men than in the TV series. Gambit says, about his relationship with Rogue, ""Maybe dis no-touching thing is getting to me... More den I thought." He is obviously finding it hard not being intimate with Rogue so he dismisses his relationship and tells Rogue to get with Logan. Gambit mistakenly believed Rogue and Logan were attracted to each other and, as a result, Logan kissed Rogue. However, Rogue stopped Logan before any damage was done. Gambit soon realized he shouldn't have questioned his relationship with Rogue and tells her he didn't mean what he said. Consequently, Rogue and Gambit kiss whilst wearing space suits.

Rogue kisses Gambit in series 3, episode 11 of X-Men: Evolution in order to absorb his power for a short period of time. This is the episode where the  kiss reflects Rogue and Gambit's relationship in the Marvel comic book series. This is also the episode that features Jean and Scott's graduation day.

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