If You Were Stranded On An Island What Top 5 Items Would You Bring?


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  • Supply of water or a water purification device

  • First aid kit

  • Tool kit

  • Good solid pair of shoes

  • Flare gun (the type you shoot upwards into the arm and creates a big spark to alert any passing boats or planes)
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A knife, flint, rope, seeds for planting, journals to write in.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Thank you so very much, I appreciate it.
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Charcoal from the fire!
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I think charcoal would smudge too much. I thought you would say that you could create a quill from a feather with your knife and develop some ink from natural resources (bark, shellfish, etc.). You could even use citrus juice or coconut milk (remember invisible ink?) and heat it over the fire made with your knife and flint to make the writing appear.
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Some insecticide to kill everything with six legs and more.  A raincoat.  A bucket to keep the rainwater in for drinking purposes.  A knife and of course a sexy man
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So, we know in advance we're going to be stranded on this island, since we're bringing things with us?  Like seeds, and partners, etc?  Then I'm not stupid.  I'm bringing a motor boat, a motor, 2 jury cans of extra gas, and a two-way radio. 
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You can't bring anything with you if you're already ON the island...

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Assuming its in a hot area, I would bring some sun cream, a strong young man, a pillow, some rope and a wind up radio
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Match box
 will do for me.. Just two.. Will lit the island up to gain attention from all those who go by sea and air around the island :)

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