What Is Peter Andre's Address?


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Peter Andre has a house in East Grinstead, West Sussex - although he may have other properties in other locations.

Where does Peter Andre live? In 2010, Peter Andre was photographed moving into a £2 million property in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

An article published by The Daily Mail newspaper showed him moving his belongings into the house, which is located close to the school that his son, Junior, attends.

The seven-bedroom property is also not far from the Brighton-home of his ex-wife Katie Price (aka Jordan).

You may also be interested to know that, in 2008, a property that Peter Andre was living in was attacked by vandals.
The $1.8 million pound property in Brighton, East Sussex was pelted with eggs, and this caused Andre to ramp up his security by hiring former SAS soldiers to protect him.

I think this is a pretty good example of why websites shouldn't give out the personal details of celebrities.

Although no-one was charged with the attack on his house, it is thought that the culprits were fans of Peter Andre's Brighton-born ex, Katie Price - and had found out about the star's address via the internet (not on Blurtit though!).

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