Can I Get Some Examples Of PEMDAS Word Problems?


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Here are some examples of PEMDAS word problems:
Mary had 10 balloons. She colored 2/5 of them red. What is the fractions not colored?  (MIXED FRACTIONS)
THE speed of an aeroplane in still air is 256m/h. The plane travels 618 miles against
wind and 923 miles with wind, in a total time of 13 hours. What is the speed of wind? (SPEED)
Jan invested $3600, part at 8% and the rest at 7%. If the total income from the investments was $274, how much did she invest at each rate?   (RADICAL EXPRESSIONS)
Their are four choises of apple and orange. How many combinations are there?  (COMBINATIONS)
Hope that helped you out some!
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I think that it is five in a half

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