Can You Identify Some Major Symbols In The MOVIE I AM LEGEND?


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The butterfly was a major symbol in I Am Legend. I caught six different butterflies throughout the movie. The first one being his daughter making a butterfly with her hands in the car and before the helicopter took off, another one was on a building next to the road he was driving down, there was a scene with fluttering in front of Sam, his dog's, nose, of course the tattoo of a butterfly on the woman's neck and when the lead zombie smashed the glass with his head, the cracks formed a big butterfly with him in the middle. The last scene also showed a butterfly entering the town of those humans remaining. These butterflies symbolize hope, evolution or rebirth of mankind, and could also symbolize the way Will Smith's character had to hide himself from the surrounding world, or hide his feelings away, the same way a caterpillar would repose in a cocoon before evolving into a butterfly.
The movie also may have symbolized terrorism. The zombies would obviously be the terrorists, unwilling to take the anecdote in the same way our enemies will not compromise. We are engaged in a war in the same way Will Smith's character was. The film also takes place in New York, which is where terrorism attacked our country as well.
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The very first trace of symbolism is for the Christians as the movie is about a person who is the only survivor in the world and is also the “Savior”, someone who has particularly been chosen to save mankind from disease.

His initial loss in faith and then his newly acquired belief that he indeed is the “savior” is also a symbol. Through the symbolism used in this movie, there have been many philosophical questions regarding humanity.

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Hmm...well in practically every movie that Will Smith has starred in he always has some kind of sidekick like an animal or 'I am legend' he has that one dog from the start.that could symbolize something from his personal life.maybe there's a story behind that,like there was something or someone in his life that he felt superior to but that someone/thing actually ended up saving his life and now he is trying to repay that by showing it in his movies.

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