Is Victoria Justice A Virgin?


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Tom Jackson answered

Some of the answers wonder why people are interested in whether or not one is.

This site gives some insight into the "why."

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I think so she seems like the type of person that isn't slutty but more elegant and classy
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Well as I see it she is a girl who wont give away her virginity just for a boy I think she is going to wait till she is 18
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Well theres no way for us to know that its private I doubt she will say if she is or not in a way I think she is because shes only 17 and she doesnt seem to be like jamie spears but in a way I think shes not because shes a celebrity and you know hollywood after all and beside nowadays people are losing there virginity at a really young age
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She is now 18 and she could be a lesbian.
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I think about half an hour and I still do not understand why someone is interested in whether Victoria is or not virgin, That's her personal info.... People are more and more disgusting.....

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