My Magnavox 50ml6200d/37 Projection TV Had The Picture Go Out. The Lamp Replacement Indicator Light Came On In The Front. I Just Replaced The Lamp And Still No Picture And The Red Light In The Front Is Still On. Lamp Seemed Intact?


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Firstly, did you use the correct lamp? The correct lamp is a Philips 50ML6200D/37 TV Lamp Replacement with enclosure. These usually retail for around $125. If not pick one of these up and try again.

Secondly, is there audio but no picture? If this is the case, the TV may be locking up because of electrostatic discharges. The following steps may solve this:
  • Perform the classic turn it off and back on again, by pressing the power button twice.
  • Switch off the TV set and let it to cool for 10 minutes if two red lamp lights are alight.
  • If this fails completely unplug the TV for five minutes.
If none of these work then it is most likely an issue with the ballast, a device which is intended to manage the amount of current in an electric circuit, usually to stop it from over-surging and damaging the delicate internal workings. Definitive proof of a ballast issue will be if a clicking sound can be heard shortly after turning the TV on.

At its simplest, it is a resistor but ballasts in a complex machine such as a projection TV will be a highly complex bit of kit and therefore expensive. This is because such ballasts have got a specific high-voltage ignition to start the lamp up. If the ballast is fragile, the lamp may or may not be switched on. In your case it may be sparking and dying which your TV is misidentifying as a problem with the lamp.

Philips ballasts are not easily available, indeed to get the part number it has to be removed, as the information is lacking in the user manual. It may be worth speaking to a technician. Any work carried out by someone who isn't part of Philip's service personnel may affect any warranty you have for the TV.

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