When Did Rage Against The Machine Split Up?


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Rage Against the machine was an American Rock Band. Their music was a blend of funk, rap and Hard Rock. Rage Against the Machine disbanded on the 18th of October 2000. According to Saul Williams they disbanded because Zack De La Rocha (vocalist) did not want their fourth studio album which was titled 'Renegade' to be released, however the other three band members decided to release it against De La Rocha's wish.

Rage Against the Machine at the time of their break-up had become one of the most famous political Hard Rock Band of all time. The lyrics always aimed at the government, they were an instant hit among the disturbed youth of America. During their live wood stock 1999 performance the band burned down the American Flag.

Rage Against the Machine was also popularly known as 'RATM' or simply 'Rage'. On the 4th of May Their single Bulls on Parade entered at no 15 on the VH1s "40 Greatest Metal Songs'.

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