Are There Any Crossdressing Friendly Stores On Long Island Ny?


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G B answered
Romantic Fantasies Lingerie & Accessories Boutique (parent company of CrossDressUSA),
225 Deer Park Avenue, Babylon Village, NY 11702.
Phone: (631) 587-3655.
hope that helps!
Lisa Marie Halsey Muniz Profile
I don't know.  I live in Idaho.  I have never even been to Long Island.  But no matter who we are or what we wear we should not care what other people think of us.  If one is a crossdresser that is their business on how they live their lives no one elses.  If anyone can't say anything nice then we should all just not say anything at all.  As for looks, people will look because maybe they have never seen a crossdresser, but again who cares what people think, we shouldn't.  If employees at a store are not friendly and treat you or whomever like they would anyone else that is discrimination and one should bring it up to a manager or even a corporate office.  We are all equal no matter whom we are or how we dress or look or live our lives.  We should not care what others think of us.  Even though that is a very hard thing.  I need to work on.  I am always worrying what others think of me.

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