What Is Supermac18's Cell Phone Number?


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I have heard that it is:
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Well iv got 4 of them  516-822-1910      215-558-7623      914-9084376        212-352-8687
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516-822-1910 seems to be the most likley... I looked up on but it is a landline and it is in Hicksvillle not Plainview (where I think he lives)...
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His house number is (516) 822-1910
I looked it up on every possible thing I'm 105% sure thats his number.
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Please don't try to get his number. I would want it to but if I was him I'd want my  privacy and wouldnt want random people giving out my information. Youre putting poor mac in danger when you give out his private information :( not trying to be rude but just saying .. You wouldnt want your info all over the internet would you?

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