What Movie Did Concrete Angel Play In?


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Aurore gagnon
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Hiya, I think the film is called Aurore.
Its a french film made about the life of Aurore Gagnon who died after being abused by her step-mother.
If you search on youtube you will be able to find it, some have english subtitles as well:)
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I don't think Concrete Angel by Martina McBride was played in any movies. However, many other songs by Martina McBride were in several soundtracks from time to time some of which are:

  How Great Thou Art (Amazing Grace)
  Through Your Eyes (Bambi II)
  Blessed (The biggest loser)
  When Love Is Gone (The Muppet Christmas Carol)
  I Love You (Runaway Bride)
  Safe In The Arms Of Love (Switchback)
  Little Bits of Lightning (Touched by an angel)
  There You Are (Where the heart is)

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I think that that is the movie auroreI know him very very hard film to see in a cry they made two versions of a 1957 and another more recent 2005
I also look for the movie
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Thx everyone for answering yall r rlly helpful I love all the info I can get here yll are lifesavers lov you

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