What Is The Clinic Address/Phone Number Of Hakeem Abdul Ghaffar Agha Who Comes On Tv1online?


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The address and phone number of Hakeem Abdul Ghaffar Agha is listed below:

Phone Number - 021-4312766-767-768

Address - 175/p block 2, near English boot house, Tariq road, Karachi.

Hakeem Abdul Ghaffar Agha is the Founder and Chairman of AGHA HERBAL and a vital name for herbal medicine as well as a herbal media presenter in Pakistan. Hakeem Abdul Ghaffar Agha set up a number of clinics named Matab Al Jabbar clincs in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, United Arab Emirates and Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. He is researching several diseases which have links to liver, lung and kidney diseases as well as researching causes of different sorts of cancer. His patients are from all over the world. Hakeem Abdul Ghaffar Agha, along with his son Syed Nausherwan Ghalib help to promote several promote several products by AGHA HERBAL by being the direct face behind such products.

Hakeem Abdul Ghaffar Agha belongs to the family Hakeems, Hakeem Maulana Syed Abdul Jabbar is the father of Hakeem Abdul Ghaffar Agha and he was also famous for expertise in herbal medicen in kharadar near Achhi Qabar Karachi since 1951. Hakemm Abdul Ghaffar Agha has two brothers who also run herbal clinics.

Hakeem Abdul Ghaffar Agha studied as one of the students of Hakeem Muhammad Saeed. After graduation and registration from board of Unani and Ayurvedic the systems of medicine Government in Pakistan he started a consultancy and practice clinc which has been going since since 1971. As of 2000 he became a media presenter. He got his first TV presenting opportunity from PTV, and since he has worked with a number of TV channels such as GEO, HUM TV, TV ONE, Masala TV, AAJ TV, ATV, HAQ TV, ROHI TV and many more TV and Radio Stations. He is currently working on programmes such as Sehet Aur Hikmat, Health by Nature, Khawaten Time Online, Roza aur Ghiza, as well as having an exclusive night time show on PTV network.

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Maybe the following video will help. You can contact atv morning show "A morning with Farah" to find out the contact details.

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Yes you can search for his name and address by using Google and all options will be visible in a second.
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175/p blk 2 pechs near english boot house tariq road karachi
021-4312766-767-768 fax : 021-4312866

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