Where In London Can I Buy Indian Spices?


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Indian cuisine is greatly appreciated by both natives and the immigrant Indian Community in the UK. Several renowned Indian restaurants exist and the demand for Indian spices is constant.

Most supermarkets keep spices belonging to the brands Natco, Haldirams, Laziza, Everest, Shan, Casbah, Priya etc. These are mostly imported from India and Pakistan. Spices are either sold individually or in meal preparation concoctions. Most localities have an Indian retail establishment supplying these spices. Most big brands like Natco also market their products over the internet.

Indian spices include cinnamon, coriander, asafetida, turmeric, dry garlic and ginger powder, raw papaya, nut meg, mustard seeds, bay leaf, cardamom, dill, cumin, curry leaf, aniseed, cloves, poppy, saffron, tamarind, black pepper, mint, fenugreek, cassia, oregano etc.

Specific combination of spices for various meals such as hallem, achar gosht, chicken tandori, nehari, pulao etc are also widely available.
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You can find many Indian stores selling variety of Indian spices in London. If you are in
hurry then do not waste your time searching for such spices suppliers in London, the best way is to find them on internet. You can enquire or place online orders for different spices and many other Indian
food ingredients at lower cost. Evergreen exports in Mumbai India, is one of
the leading suppliers of Indian spices, pulses, oil seeds and other food
ingredients in different forms like powder, mixed powder, dehydrated etc. Initially
you can place trial orders and then go for bulk orders as well. They accept
international orders and have clients in many countries.
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The Spice Shop in Notting Hill or one of the stores on Brick Lane would be my suggestion.

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