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Jason Deeps is a character in a sketch on the Saturday Night Live television show. Justin Bieber plays the character, and the sketch takes place in a school environment. The sketch features comical scenarios such as the teacher of the class (Anna Faye) developing a crush in Jason Deeps.

Jason Deeps is also the name of an account on the social networking site Twitter. However, as Jason Deeps is a fictional character, and Justin Bieber denies ownership of the account, it is thought that the account has been made by a Justin Bieber fan in order to give the false impression that they are Justin Beiber.

Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop star, born on March 1st, 1994. He has had a number of top ten singles all over the world, including "One Time" and "Baby", and has collaborated with artists such as R&B/hip-hop artist Chris Brown. Bieber's first album, "My World", was released in 2009 - since then, the album has become platinum selling in the United States of America. The album has been released in a number of versions, including the "My World Acoustic" album, which features acoustic performances of the songs on the album, and the "Never Say Never - the Remixes" album.

As well as being a musical success, Bieber is also embarking upon an acting career. He has had minor roles in a number of films and television programs, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and his own 3D movie Justin Bieber - Never Say Never.

Justin Bieber is a controversial and much-disputed figure amongst the younger generation. There is no doubt that Bieber's music, appearance and acting career have sparked a cult following, mostly amongst young teenage girls. However, it appears that Bieber splits the opinion of the younger generation, with pages on social networking sites such as Facebook such as "Justin Bieber SUCKS!!!" with over 51,000 fans, and "I Hate Justin Bieber" with almost two million fans.
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English name: Justin Bieber
Full name: Justin Bieber to Drew
Gender: Male
Nickname: JB, J-Beebs, Bieber, Beebs, Bee, (foreign) treasure B, B treasure (China)
Nickname: Fans belieber (B treasure fans nickname that is the universe accepted, belieber is + bieber by a combination of the treasure in B. Usually found on twitter.)
Nationality: Canada
Type: Type A
Language: English and French
Residence: Atlanta Botanical (Atlanta) [in Canada, Ontario, Canada SiTeLaTeFu (southwest city) grow up 】
Birthday: March 1, 1994
Constellation: Pisces
Height: 173 cm (long high school)
Me: Now do 7.5 (38.5 yards)
Family: Father Jeremy Bieber, mother Pattie (parents divorced, and father remarried) sister Jazmime, the younger brother Jaxon (2009 years was born on November 20)
First love: 13
The first kiss: 13 years old, at the school dance, and friends to ten dollars to a bet complete incognizant of girls
Fear: Narrow closed areas, not the place (because childhood activities have been locked in the toy box, then have a two hour trapped in the lift)
Daily good friend: Butler with field marking Christian Beadles-(small steel teeth, former girlfriend Caitlin brother)
Hobbies: Music, skateboarding
Pedigree: France and Germany
Special features: Creation, lips, dancing, guitar, piano, trumpet, B-box
Voice: Is on the line, slightly since hoarse
Idols: Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men), Usher (YaSeXiaoZi), Jackie chan, Chuck Norris, Avril Lavigne (Avril) Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift)
Love the artist: Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, T-the boe, Lifehouse, Ne-Yo, Chris Bown, Justin Timberlake
Like most kinds of songs: R&B, HipHop, RAP, dance music, Teen-Pop
Like most of color: Blue, purple (more like purple)
Favorite food: Pasta, Chinese food
The most favorite number: 6, 9, 18
Favorite sport: Hockey, football, golf, basketball, football, skateboarding, bikes, surfing
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Like most of the songs: The earth "to Down
Do most of the action: Left hand in the right chest do a v gestures, two hands do the action of the heart, swing has hair
Former girlfriend: Caitlin Beadles
Miley Cyrus circle friends: Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Jaden Smith, Usher, (master)
Tattoo: Have a the tattoo (family tattoos)
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Its a character justin bieber played on SNL! And if your talking to a "jason deeps" its NOT justin bieber!!
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He is a character Justin Bieber played in a skit on SNL...watch here : www.hulu.com its hilariously funny!

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