Are There Any 18 And Over Dance Clubs In Tucson, Arizona?


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If you're living in Tucson, Arizona and are under 21, then your choices of where to go out in the evenings may be restricted.

However, the fact that the University of Arizona campus is located in Tucson means that there are at least a few 18+ venues to choose from.

Phoenix is also nearby - and is known for its vibrant nightlife.

18+ venues in Tucson, Arizona DV8 is probably the best-known venue: They do hip-hop nights, rock nights and pop nights. The crowds that this place attracts can vary.

Some nights are very "teenie-boppy" whilst, at other times, the atmosphere can be so hostile that you can't help but feel as if a shooting's about to take place.

The sound system at DV8 is also pretty shocking - so, for these reasons, I'd recommend avoiding the place altogether.

Club Congress and The Rock also put on the occasional 18+ event, although you've got to keep your ear to the ground to know what's going on.

If you've not been persuaded by the options I've already mentioned, you may want to consider the short trip to Phoenix for the following 18+ nights:

  • Club Red (first Saturday of every month)
  • Bar Smith (every Thursday)
  • Sky Lounge (Thursday & Sunday)
  • Jilly's American Grill (18+ all week, but live bands on Saturday)
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The University of Arizona is there, so I am sure they do!

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