What are or were the personality traits of The Beatles?


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John Lennon

John was the leader of the band, the spokesman and the one Beatle the others looked up to. He was witty and made wisecracks in situations that he didn't feel comfortable in. John had the potential to be brash, bold and daring, but also became increasingly political and ultimately spiritual.

"For our last number, I'd like to ask your help. Would the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands. And the rest of you, if you'll, just rattle your jewelry." John Lennon, 1963 at the royal variety performance in London.

Personality Traits of John Lennon:

  • Witty and Humorous.
  • Cynical.
  • Pessimistic.

Paul McCartney

Paul was the "cute" Beatle, and in some ways  he was the complete opposite of John. He was ever the optimist, light-hearted and caring. He came across as more cheesy and sensitive than John, which is reflected in his songs.

Personality Traits of Paul McCartney

  • Optimistic.
  • Caring.
  • Light Hearted.

George Harrison

George was known as the "quiet" Beatle - he had a dry sense of humor and was very humble and spiritual. George's morals and values were very important to him. He only spoke when something needed to be said, and he was generally very witty and bright.

Personality Traits of George Harrison

  • Humble.
  • Spirtual.
  • Moral.

Ringo Starr

Ringo was the joker of the pack, a goofy character who was well-liked by all the Beatles. He seldom took himself or the band seriously, and was known to be light-hearted, funny and sweet. The other Beatles described him as the heart-beat and soul of the band.

Personality Traits of Ringo Starr

- Funny.

- Sweet.

- The "soul" of the band.

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Well, John was always the activist of the band- John wrote many anti-war and protest songs, and his most famous one, :Give Peace a Chance" was sung by thousands of protesters on the white House lawn and forced the govt. To end the Vietnam War. John wrote many controversial songs about protest, corruption and more, causing president Nixon to become worried about not getting reelected because Nixon wanted war and john was winning peace so he had the FBI stalk Lennon for years- there are whole books about it even.. John was also peaceful- he did many campaigns for peace. John was somewhat stuck up though, he and Paul cor-wrote or individually wrote almost all Beatles songs and told George and Ringo what to do and refused to help them most of the time and refused to publish many George/Ringo songs. John was semi more willing to help others, since he did contribute a tiny bit to George/Ringo's work, while Paul refused, showing Paul's stuck up nature. Ringo was and is the sensible one, he's hte only Beatles that none of the other 3 ever seriously argued with and Ringo being more kind and also selfless worked on the other 3 Beatles' solo albums even during the Breakup years. Ringo still reunites with Paul often and gets along fine, in fact Ringo has only divorced once while Paul has divorced 3 times. The other thing is John wasn't a good parent- he never really planned on having Julian, so Ringo ended up being Julian Lennon and Dhani Harrison's foster-father/favorite adult in a way. George was always known as the "Quiet Beatle"George was very spiritual and interested in Indian culture and religion, and even learned to play the Indian Sitar. Geroge also was used like RIngo and never really credited and didnt get ot write much of his own stuff during the Beatles. George was also semi-political/anti-corruption  as you can hear in many of his songs, but unlike John e wasn't very public about any of his personal opinions and never talked or sang much-but he was the youngest Beatle and the best guitar player. George was not stuck up and lived a very private life, and even founded a charity for kids. George was always generous unlike Paul. George also loved racing cars.

As far as looks, Paul was always known as the "cute Beatle", John was "th hippy" basically and Ringo and George never really were talked about.

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