When Did Breakfast Television Start?


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Breakfast television is an entertainment cum news program that is broadcast live in the morning in the time slot from 6 AM to 9 AM; the idea of a show presented by media personalities who would discuss the daily happenings and provide useful information related to business, weather and travel along with other segments which featured exercise sessions and health related issues originated in the United States.

The first program produced in this regard was The Today Show on NBC broadcast on January 14, 1952; the idea soon became popular and morning shows became a common feature on television channels around the world. Several concepts and innovations were introduced in the shows taking in to account the viewers with home improvement tips, interviews of celebrities from all walks of life and other culture oriented features appearing in the format.

Morning shows were created keeping in to mind the viewership and the early part of the program emphasized on news in relation to people who were leaving for work with the latter part being more entertainment oriented. In the UK the first morning show that was launched was Breakfast Time broadcast by the BBC on January 17, 1983.

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