Is Lindsay Lohan Anorexic?


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Google the DSM criteria for anorexia nervosa.
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can't everyone leave poor lindsay alone!!!!   Having anorexia must be SO hard for her. Its been since she broke up with Samantha. LEAVE THE POOR GAL ALONE FOR CRIES SAKE
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It has been a sore subject with Lohan. She is a 20 year old actress who having bummed around on American TV for 5 years then started to make it big in movies and music. She also exhibited what the Tabloid press have called a "dramatic" weight loss in 2005, sparking the rumours of anorexia.

In 2005 Vanity Fair magazine had an interview with Lohan where (they claimed) she admitted to anorexic and bulemic behaviour in the period 2003-2005 (when Lohan was 16-19 years old, and a peak age for young women to be bulemic). Lohan denied this, and said that her words and meaning in the interview were distorted. And that her apparent body weight drop was due to the normal dropping of teenage baby fat as she got older.

But now she has come clean. In an October 2006 interview with The News of the World she was forthright about the perils of being too skinny and several years of her own self-destructive behaviour trying to keep to an unnatural weight. She claims to be over it, now.

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