Where Did Walt Disney Die?


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Walt Disney died at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in in Burbank, California at 9:30 am December 15th 1966.
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Walter Elias Disney died in St Joseph's Hospital, Los Angeles, at 9.35 am on 15 December 1966. He died of respiratory complications connected with his lung cancer.

He was cremated and his ashes buried in a private garden (though there is a popular urban myth that his remains were cryogenically frozen.)

Born in Chicago in 1901, Disney had first come to fame with his creation of Mickey Mouse in 1928. By the time he died, his animations were known all over the world; for many people, Disney cartoons symbolised 20th century America.

There is anewspaper article with details of Disney's death and later years.
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Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966 at the age of 65 in Burbank CA.
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Walter Elias Disney born of December 5th, 1901 was well known twenty-two time Academy Award winning producer, director, dramatist, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur and humanitarian.    Walt Disney expired on December 15th, 1966 in Los Angeles, California, America as a result of Lung Cancer. Walt was one of the most popular movie producers in the world. The company that he co-founded, is currently known as The Walt Disney Company, and has yearly earnings of nearly U.S. $ 30 Billion. Walt Disney is best remembered for his film production and highly admired showmanship.      Throughout his career he was nominated for a total of forty-eight Academy Awards and seven Emmy awards, making him the record holder for the most number of Oscar nominations. Disney and his team created quiet a few well known productions like Alter Ego and Mickey Mouse.
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He died on los angeles at 9.35 on december 15 1966
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I know that he died in Los Angeles because of lung cancer. I'm not sure if he was buried or cremated, but I think it would be way better for his family to keep ashes jewelry or just an urn instead of having thousands of fans visiting his grave because it could have been not what he wanted when he was alive.

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Walt Disney born 1901 died in Orlando Florida in 1966 he was 65 years of age and died from cancer...hope this is helpful
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Walt Disney Died Of Lung Cancer In December 15,1996.
And He Was Born On December 5,1901.
He Died At The Age Of 65 In Los Angeles, California.
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I heard it was at the Neverland Ranch but the guy I got it off of was high at the time so it casts doubt, he dead now mind you

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