What Was The Actor's Name Whom Played 'Robocop' And Is Also A History Professor? [I Know The Answer So Please No Need To Google, Just Making Sure All Are Awake...lol]


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That was Peter Weller, at first I thought it was Peter Welles, and then thought better of it. The film was made in 1987, and did you know that there was a t.v. Series released in '94, and even a couple of cartoons aside from Robocop II and III? Aha, Gotcha lovie! ♥
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Robocop was made in Dallas and my daughter was in the movie.  She kept telling her little sisters this and that about Peter Weller and they did not really believe that Cathy knew him all that well.  Then the Premiere was in Dallas and everybody went.  When Peter Weller saw my daughter he yelled at her by name and ran over and give her the biggest kiss on the mouth!  The little sisters just stood there with their mouths hanging open.  We have had a good laugh about that over the years.
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Awesome story...wow!!! What was her part lovie?...♥Nassy
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You are such a huge lier.no one is going to belive your daughter was in that movie in less you have some sort of proof she was in that movie.I can't belive people like you would do and say anything to tell people that they starred in a movie.learn to tell the truth.
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