What Is Lil Wayne Real Cell Phone Number?


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Lil Wayne's real cell phone number is not something that you'll be able to find on the internet.  He certainly hasn't revealed it to the general public, and I highly doubt that he will any time soon (or ever). 

In fact, we're probably entering a time of all-time-low trust between celebrities and the public, due to the phone hacking scandals that have been going around. So, unless they can really trust you, well-known musicians like Lil Wayne probably won't be giving out their personal details in the internet.

The best way to stay in contact with anything to do with Lil Wayne is to follow his official social media accounts. They're generally set up to allow his fans to know what's going on, without him having to sacrifice his privacy by giving his phone number out to everyone in the world.

Here are some interesting facts (apparently) about Lil Wayne:

  • He went by the names Shrimp Daddy and Baby D before Lil Wayne.
  • His mother encouraged him to have a daughter because she was lonely when he was on tour.
  • He claims his tour bus was shot at by angry women he refused to sleep with.
  • He stopped taking cocaine because it causes acne.
  • Lil Wayne dropped out of school at 14 years old.
  • He claims that Tha Carter V will be his final album.

So, there's some pretty interesting stuff to learn about Lil Wayne online, but I doubt he'll be giving his phone number out in the future if I'm honest.

Here's an amazing mixtape of Lil Wayne's songs over the years instead though. Enjoy!

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