What's The Rangers Phone Number?


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If you love your football, you may want to get in touch with the offices of the Rangers FC to book tickets, or if you have any other queries about their position in the league. Their number is 08706001972, and the operators based at Rangers headquarters will be more than happy to offer their assistance.

Even though it might seem like the common sense option for getting your hospitality arranged, your season tickets purchased and the best seats in the stadium, Rangers’ online portal also proves to be a doddle - allowing you to decide with your mates on where you’d like to sit with a nice pint.

For young children, one of the best things for you to ask about are Rangers tours - the ultimate opportunity for aspiring football enthusiasts to visit the changing rooms, walk through the coveted tunnel where the players step foot on the pitch, and see where the exasperated football manager will become stressed and jubilatory from the sidelines! More information can be found on the attraction at As you will soon learn, the opportunity isn’t as expensive as you may have thought, with tickets for the entire family amounting to just £24.50 for Mum, Dad and two kids.

Known  as the Ibrox Tour, this fascinating insight into Rangers’ hallowed grounds takes place from Friday to Sunday on most weeks. Online, you’ll be able to check availability for the series of tours that take place throughout the day - right through from 10:00 until 15:30 when there isn’t a match day.

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