Are Dianna Agron And Lea Michele Dating?


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I doubt it. Although the Glee stars have been pictured in 'intimate' photographs together, they've actually gone on record to say that there's nothing going on between them.

Whether you believe them, or think it's just another Hollywood cover-up is up to you, but, until now, there's been no concrete evidence to suggest that the two actresses have dated (or partaken in any other form of 'extra-curricular activity').

Are Dianna Agron And Lea Michele Dating?
If you believe some of the contributors to the Glee forums and chat rooms, then Agron and Michele are the next Leo and Kate - the Glee version of Elena and Damon (The Vampire Diaries).

However, there's no evidence to back up these reports.

Yes, there are photos of the two actresses having a hug and a cuddle, but since when did that constitute a lesbian fling?

In fact, the rumors have become so intense that Dianna Agron has even gone on record to say that she and Michele are just good friends, and that they have a lot of love for each other (but not in that way).

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There is a lot of speculation claiming so. But there is no concrete evidence, despite copious amounts of pictures of the pair in very loving embraces.
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I wish.
But no evidence sadly.

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