How To Act Like Cat Valentine In 'Victorious'?


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Victorious is a show on Nickelodeon that follows Victoria Justice through performing arts school in her quest to become a singer. 
Who is Cat Valentine in Victorious?
Cat Valentine is one of the co-stars of Victorious. She is one of the nicest characters and is lovely and sweet but very naive. 

She is constantly hyper, excitable and optimistic and generally a friendly and positive person to be around.

She is excitable and happy but a little immature and often looks towards others to make decisions and deal with mature issues.

Cat Valentine has a good sense of humor and jokes that she is the way she is because her mum used to hold her breath a lot while she was pregnant with her. 
She is quite a sensitive character and while she often makes jokes she can take jokes towards her personally and can become easily offended.

Cat's favorite food is velvet cupcakes and her hair is a bright red color that is meant to resemble her favorite, brightly colored food.

How to act like Cat Valentine

  • If you would like to act like Cat Valentine you need to constantly be: Upbeat
  • Energetic
  • Bubbly 
  • Always smiling
  • Innocent
  • A little absent-minded and child-like in some ways 
Cat can sometimes be thought of as being ditsy and she is obsessed by boys and flirtatious in an innocent and friendly way.
You would have to ensure that you are flirty and fun but also friendly and cute so that both boys and girls like to be around you.
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To be like Cat, you have to work at having your voice higher and be more sensitive. She's very girly at heart and she's almost always bubbly. 

Here's a typical conversation with her:
  • Cat: Hi! Whats up?! :D 
  • Other Person: Nothing much.
  • Cat: Well, you're breathing, that's something, right? :D 
  • Other Person: I guess...
  • Cat: What's that supposed to mean?! 
  • Other Person: Nothing!
  • Cat: Oh. Okay :D
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Be totally random and tell stories about what happened to your brother/uncle/any other crazy relative, act bubbly and laugh a lot, higher your voice and when someone criticizes you, and say "What does that suppose to mean?"
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Be bubbly, sensitive, happy, nice to everyone, and random :)
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Say random stuff like ''I wonder if blueberries freeze and shrivel or boil and shrivel''.
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How to act like Cat Valentine

Don't go crazy with it, or the VicTORIous fans out there will think you are a poser. She is preppy and bubbly, wild and random. 

Tell crazy stories (but true) about things that happened to you or someone close to you. When insulted put on the cutest sadest face and say something like, 'That's mean!' or, 'That's so hurtful!' or even just one word, 'Meanie!'. Don't drag it out though, if they apologise accept it and chatter to them.

 In class, put your hand up and maybe ask a crazy question for example, 'If it rained and then snowed, would it make a snow-bow?'; that is only if your teacher is cool. 

Make your eyes wide and cute when you are intrested in something. 

Be happy and if in a suitation where you have to spill (if it is not too serious) you can go, 'la,la,la,la,la,la...' and look around. 

If someone calls your name look worried, as if you think you are going to get a scolding!

Just be cute, random and adorable - make people laugh and be gullible! Maybe you could even talk about something that you 'believe' in that is mythical.


Go to a salon and ask for your hair to be coloured 'Red Velvet Cupcake' or 'Magneta' (it's the same)! You could use henna - it is much better for your hair, as is a homemade dye or a coloured hair spray.

Cat has her hair half up the other down, curly or straight, choose the one best suited for you.


Hers isn't too much, so don't go overboard. For her eyes she wears many coats of mascara to get long lashes, maybe a nice pink eyeshadow and eyeliner; if your eyes are small you can get contact lenses that not only cover your iris but some of the whites too giving the illusion of bigger eyes.

For lips just wear a nice gloss or vasaline.

For your cheeks you can use an apricot blush or a pink one! Apply it nicely though!

You can wear  a foundation if you have bad skin.

If you have darkness around your eyes you can use it as a natural eyeshadow or use a cream to tame it!


Cat wears these sort of things:

•Brightly coloured dresses paired with cute cardies;

•Graphic tees;


•Glittery tank tops;

•Bright converse/Vans;

•Heels (but if you are of a reasonable hight don't wear them!);




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