Date Charge Payment Balance Notes 1/31 $75 $0 $75 Monthly Fee 2/15 $6 $75 $6 Payment; 2 Movies Purchased 2/28 $100 $0 $106 Monthly Fee, Repair Fee 3/31 $87 $0 $193 Monthly Fee; 4 Movies Purchased 4/30 $75 $0 $268 Monthly Fee; Account Suspended?


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This question really needs to be worded better so that it can answered in a way that would be helpful for you. At the moment it is quite impossible to work out what it is that you want to know. After examining what you have written it looks as if you have used the first five words as headings for what is to come because it would appear that the date keeps recurring on a two weekly basis, but then it is impossible to make sense of the rest.

The final confusion is 'Account Suspended?'

  • Making sense of accounts

In order to keep track of money and what is coming in and what is going out it is useful to keep some kind of accounts. This can be done quite simply with either a cash book or on a spreadsheet on a computer.

  • Records

So that you know where you are up to make sure that you have different columns for the different amounts and keep it up to date. This means that you should have lists of all your regular outgoings such as rent or mortgage, utility bills and other ongoing payments.

You should have a different column for your income, and another for any outgoings that you make that are not regular. For example if you have a night out, or buy something, record the cost of it so that you are always aware of how much money you have.

  • Cash flow

It is just as important for individuals to know what their cash flow is as it is for a business otherwise it is too easy to get into debt, and that has a nasty habit of spiraling out of control.

It may simplistic but keeping thorough records can be a real help in making sure that does not happen.
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As for the payment, I have some questions lately. We live in a fairly technological country and we still don't have a payment terminal in some stores and I don't understand why this is so? Can someone explain this moment to me? It's easy to get it... It is enough to order it on the website and that's it... Here's some extra money for you, from customers who pay with credit cards.

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How to choose a payment system for online business? What tips can you give?

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If you own an online business and use alternative payment methods, this is a great way for you to increase your sales and get more profit. Not all customers like to enter their card data, so alternative payment methods are a lifesaver for online businesses. You can learn more about it here This company is qualified specialist in online payments.

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