Can Anyone Tell The Artist? Evening Shadows Make Me Blue When Each Weary Day Is Through How I Long To Be With You My Happiness


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I love this song, I have recently found out that it was elvis presleys first single also
ella fitzgerald and connie francis . Sang it.
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This is a wonderful, nostalgic song.  The title is “My Happiness”, and the music was written by Betty Peterson & Borney Bergantine in 1933 and the words were written over ten years later.  This song was first recorded in 1947 by Jon and Sondra Steele, and was a huge hit.  A year later it was recorded by Ella Fitzgerald , and many artists recorded it later (Elvis Presley recorded it in 1953 and Connie Francis recorded a version in 1958).  Most people seem to remember the Ella version best.

Here is the link to listen to the Ella Fitzgerald version:

And here is the link to listen to the instrumental version by Billy Vaughn:

It brought tears to my eyes, as I remember my dad whistling the tune as he worked around the house when we were small children.  I hope listening to this will bring your
mother in law much joy
! :)
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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have already ordered a version of this song by Connie Francis which will ( without wishing to sound to morbid) bring tears to all of our families eyes as it is one of her dieing wishes to hear this song one more time.

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