Who Is Zonnique Pullins Boyfriend?


6 Answers

Bahja Rodriguez Profile
Bahja Rodriguez answered
First, Niq Niq has NEVER dated Diggy Simmons. Second, Darien Wright is not her boyfriend, and third, she doesn't have a boyfriend anymore. She wants to focuse on her career first before focusing on any boy!
Donell Jones Profile
Donell Jones answered
I'm colse to Nique & she is not dating any of these boys, she is dating Donell Jones. You can go even check there facebook yourself
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Justin bieber
noel robinson Profile
noel robinson answered
Zonnique Pullins most recent boyfriend is Donell Jones. They have been dating for about two months now.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Zonnique Pullins most recent boyfriend is Darien Wright. This young boy was caught cheating on her. She met him on myspace. They are now broken up. She likes a mystery boy that only her myspace fam. Knows!

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