Where Can I Find Free Piano Sheet Music To Dancing In The Moonlight By Harvest King?


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Here are a few ways to view Dancing in the Moonlight By Harvest King:

The first is on a website called Jellynote, which not only allows you to read, play and listen to the piece in time with a metronome or the original tempo, but also gives you the option to print the piece. This is quite a high difficulty level:


Another option is to use Scrib'd which gives a slightly clearer image of the sheet music, as it would appear in a book. This can also be downloaded or printed, however you have to create an account first or log in with Facebook to view the full sheet music:


Another option is to use the video tutorials available on Youtube. This version has a pianist talk you through the process of playing the song, along with a Synthesia programme. 

This may help as the visual karaoke/guitarhero style notes show you where to play on the piano, before you actually hit the keys, giving you time to move your hands. The tutorial is in two parts, with the second linked in the video description:

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