What are the piano notes to airplanes?


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Most of this song consists of Rap, during which the background music is played, rather than trying to follow the lyrics. The background music is where most of the piano can be heard, although the intro is pretty great, too. Unfortunately, it is basically impossible to replicate the echoing sounds, unless one happens to be extremely fast. The whole song is on the chords F#, D and A.

  • Intro
    To learn to play this intro, it is necessary to listen to the played notes with extreme care, so there is no confusion with the echoes and trails. The chords F#, D and A are used with the right hand.
  • Part One of the Lyrics
    For this section, the left hand more or less dances on the chords as above. If possible, it should be shorter on the D, followed by a jump to A. This is quite difficult and will need some practice to get it just like the track. The right hand should play the melody with the chords.
  • Rap Section
    For the first part of this section, the background piano is simply playing the chords in accordance with the drum beat. During the second half, the background consists of a gently played piano part. This is played at the same time as the song's accompaniment. It consists of the following notes:
    A A G# G# C# E F# C#, followed by A A B B C# C# B A octaves.
  • Remainder of the Track
    The second part of the lyrics and the second rap section are then again played the same as the two parts detailed above. It may take a while to get it just right, but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. One never knows, someone out there may actually perform fast enough to achieve the echo.

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