Who Are the casts of shades of sin?


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Shades of Sin is a steamy Portuguese telenova, or soap opera, and it stars the following characters: Paco Lambertini (played by Reynaldo Gianecchini), Barbara Campos Sodre (played by Giovanna Antonelli), and Alfonso Lambertini, played by actor Lima Duarte.

  • Check the credits

Of couse, there are plenty of other characters in this juicy TV series, including lots of extras and supplemental or secondary characters who have just a line or two to say, so it`s hard to list all of them. If you`re a fan of the show, you can always check the credits at the end of each episode to see which actors and actresses are playing the characters you enjoy the most. This popular show is dubbed into many languages, including Spanish, French and English, so it clearly hits the target with many avid viewers all over the globe. If you love drama, romance, and action, you`ll enjoy the passion and intrigue this show provides.

  • Why watch soaps?

Soaps are primarily enjoyed by women, but many shows have broken through and drawn in larger audiences with more than a few men in the mix. For example, the 80's era sensation, Dynasty, which starred John Forsythe and Joan Collins, was a prime-time soap that delivered serious melodrama every single week, and it had plenty of viewers from all walks of life.

People watch soaps to get hooked on the winding, dramatic storylines and the over-the-top characters. When you watch a soap, you see a version of life that is exaggerated, glamorous, and not terribly realistic. Since many people get more than enough of real life during...real life...soaps represent a chance to escape to another world.

While many see soaps as dull and patently ridiculous, and avoid them like the plague, others become addicted to the drama and go back for more whenever they can. Often, these types of fans will find out the actors and actresses names, and enjoy learning more about the people who play their favorite characters.

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