Who has the best sense of humour?


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Stewart Pinkerton Profile
My wife, Hey, she married me!  :-)
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Keith Old
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Thanks Madmacstew. She laughs at your jokes. :>)
Jack Mahon
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And, thank God she did, she took the lone prototype off the streets.
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Mark Brookshire answered
Some say I do, LoL. But I only try.
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Joe B. answered
Someone who can laugh at themselves
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Keith Old
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Always Good Bonghit.
Joan commented
Well....I need not post my answer, you have done it for me Bonghit. Great minds think alike.
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Midnite star answered
You weren't really specific as to where this sense of humor was coming from. Sooooooooooo, I hafta say that:
On here...Jackyl makes me laugh quite a bit.
( Keep 'em coming Jack !! )
I also hafta say...that anyone who can take life lightly, must have this great sense of humor. If for nothing...than to survive it !!

In my own life....My ex husband, since he thinks he can scare me or trick me into giving in to his Lies, Bull n' scare tactics; so he doesn't hafta give me all he owes me. But I WILL have the last laugh on this one.
( If I can withstand 7+ yrs. Of his crap during a divorce...I can withstand anything.)
Ha Ha Ha !!
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Joan commented
I love a strong woman who will stand up for herself! Good for you, Midnite113.
Midnite star
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Thanks Nanat.....It has been torture, but I ain't givin' up !!
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Miranda Sareen answered
I have to say the people with the best sense of humor I have met come in a pair. They are my boyfriend (who I shall not name) and his best friend. They can make A LOT of ppl laugh. Or a cartoon character with the best sense of humor would be Jerry (the little mouse in Tom & Jerry remember him?)

Sorry for the giant picture
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yarnlady answered
All I can say is, it sure isn't me. I think most of the attempts at humor on this site are nonsense.
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Keith Old
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Thanks Yarn.
Jack Mahon
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I don't know about that. I'm sitting here here having a tumultuous guffaw after reading your answer. Were you born absent funny bones or subsequently have them removed. This is a nonsense site, if you came for an education, I'd advise submission of an application to a school of higher learning where there may be a more sophisticated sense of humor available.
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It's genetic, and pretty much runs in the family.
Michelle Phy Profile
Michelle Phy answered
Anyone who genuinely tries to make others laugh just to make them smile has great humor. I have to say my own daughter keeps me on the floor. She has quick & endless humor.

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