How Do I Find A Free Downloadable Manual For The Viking Husky 165?


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There are several sites you can visit for help with your Viking Husky 165 sewing machine. If you need to download a copy of the manual, try as your first port of call.

If you've no luck there, you could try the makers of the Husky Viking 165, Husqvarna. If you live in the USA, you can contact them at Husqvarna Viking, PO Box 7017, LaVergne, Tennessee, 37086-7017, or phone their hotline on 1 800 4462333. Their website also has a support page for people having trouble with their sewing machine.

Other sites offering help or downloadable manuals for the Viking Husky 165 include, and General sites dedicated to sewing machines will often have support forums, where you could post a question asking for help with your model.

Here's a few tips for keeping your Viking Husky 165 clean and in good working order:

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