What Are The Advantages Of Multimedia?


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Multimedia is basically a combination of different content forms such as text, audio, images, animation, videos etc. Computerized and electronic devices are normally used to record and play Multimedia.

Following are the advantages of Multimedia:

- It enhances the effect of text presentations.

- Improves the quality of presentation and retains the attention of audience.

- It is good for use on computers.

- It can be used for educational as well as entertainment purpose.

- Multimedia presentations can be modified very easily.

- It is quick and easier to operate for the instructor.

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1. Enhancement of Text Only Messages: Multimedia enhances text only presentations by adding interesting sounds and compelling visuals.
2. Improves over Traditional Audio-Video Presentations: Audiences are more attentive to multimedia messages than traditional presentations done with slides or overhead transparencies.
3. Gains and Holds Attention: People are more interested in multimedia messages which combine the elements of text, audio, graphics and video. Communication research has shown that the combination of communication modes (aural and visual) offers greater understanding and retention of information.
4. Good for "computer-phobics": Those who are intimidated by computer keyboards and complex instructions are more comfortable with pressing buttons with a mouse or on a screen.
5. Multimedia is Entertaining as Well as Educational:
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It allows development of more engaging, persuasive comments
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1.It allows to show our imagination in front of world. 2.It allows to create scenes that r impossible in our real life

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