How much does Jessica Jarrell weigh?


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Jessica Jarrell is thought to weigh around 50 kilograms. As a fifteen year old teenage girl, this is a healthy weight and Jessica Jarrell isn't thought to be suffering from any weight problems.

She wears size eight adult clothing from most regular shops. Jessica Jarrell has highlighted the importance of remaining at a healthy weight in a number of interviews. As a singer and performer, it is vital she has the necessary strength to keep up with her routine, as well as a good fitness level to complete dance moves. She enjoys foods such as fruit smoothies, and dances to keep fit.

  • Weight and celebrity culture
Recently, weight has been a popular issue in celebrity culture. Two to three years ago, it came to the media's attention that the Photoshopped images of young women and girls were affecting the development and self esteem of regular people, particularly female teenagers. Young people felt they had to look perfectly slim in order to be attractive, and often embarked upon strict diet plans in order to achieve the 'celebrity figure'. There was also the issue of clothes models being 'size zero'.

  • Changes to the 'size zero' culture
Nowadays, big changes are taking place to revolutionize the image celebrities and magazines present regarding weight. Many retail shops and popular fashion shows have refused to work with models of an unhealthy weight - for instance, the popular store New Look is now using size ten models to display its clothes and fashion accessories. Many celebrities have spoken out about their weight issues, and magazines have begun emphasizing the importance of being a healthy weight rather than a low weight. These changes are having a positive impact, and it seems the number of eating disorder cases is on the decline. Young teenagers are thinking less about losing weight and more about being active and eating healthily.

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