Ladies, if invited, would you attend a "formal pie in the face" party?


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Jillian Peppe Profile
Jillian Peppe answered
Yes I would attend the invite, it sounds like a lot of fun, you could pie the people in different catagory according to how they are dressed and what flavor pies goes best with their outfits, now that would be a chellenge, LOL!!!!
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Bob C.
Bob C. commented
It sounds like you've done this before.
Jillian Peppe
Jillian Peppe commented
Actually no, but doesn't take much for the imaginary mind to make it more challenging, always better to add that extra laugh or two don't you think??? :)
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
Sure I would accept,  cream is good for the complexion  LOL
Meredith Salois Profile
Meredith Salois answered
I would do it for free because I just love pie.
doctor C Profile
doctor C answered
Yes! But only if its you pieman,ill do it
Joan Profile
Joan answered
No, sorry,  but thanks for asking.  It could turn into something less than fun.  I can not imagine getting dressed up in formal wear and then letting people ruin it by throwing pie on it.
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Bob C.
Bob C. commented
Oh, come on Nanat. I'll bet if you actually did, that you would have the time of your life! Thanks for participating.
Joan commented
You might just be right Pieman59. Sometimes I can be an old stick in the mud, but I am allowed, I'm old. :) Occasionally, I know, doing the unexpected is just the very right thing to do....I'm not so old that I have forgotten that.
Bob C.
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You're not old. You sound like you're a lot of fun. Brsides, I'll bet you'd look fantastic covered in cream pies.
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Anonymous answered
What's this about pies? R you obsessed with pie? I know why...Sure I'll dress up, I'll attend,  as long as I can throw one in YOUR face, how's that? ;) ;)
Michelle Phy Profile
Michelle Phy answered
I will gladly accept but may I have my 1st pie as I get out of the limo & walk along the red carpet please?
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Anonymous answered
Pieman, pieman. Ever thought of starting out with pie in the mouth. Make it sugary enough and you won't even need to ask about the face part? And if you get sued, there's the Twinkie defense.
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Anonymous answered
No, definitely not. I wouldn't be invited anyway =P It would soooo mess up my hair too. And I would never walk out of somebody's house with a bunch of pie in my face...eeeeeeewwww...

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