Show the picture of baling ling instrument?


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As far as I can tell from searching on the Internet, there is no such thing as a baling ling instrument because the only searches that revealed results were about an old Chinese instrument. However, there were no pictures or details about what type of instrument it is.

  • Alternative search.
The only option that produced any promising results was Changle Bailing Musical Instruments which is a company that sells musical instruments in China.

  • Choosing an instrument to learn.
For someone who has never played or learnt any musical instrument before, it can be hard to try and choose which one to start learning because there are so many out there. Below are some instructions on how to choose the best instrument for yourself.

  • Step one. Explore and research the different types of musical instruments that are out there and what learning how to play them involves. Learn about how the player produces the sound e.g. Violinists use a bow and brass players use mouthpieces.
  • Step two. Pick out some instruments that you like the sound of and listen to some recordings of them being played individually. This could help to make the choosing process easier. With this step you could also check out pictures of these instruments online.
  • Step three. Go to a music store that sells instruments and tell a sales person that you are thinking about taking up an instrument and ask them if it is possible for them to talk you through the instrument and let you handle them. Even though you may believe that you have already picked the instrument that you want to learn, a trip to the music store will help you choose for definite.
  • Step four. If a member of your family or friend plays that musical instrument, you could ask them if they could give you a small free introductory lesson.

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