Should i put my 50" flat screen tv above my fireplace mantel?


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Personally I don't think mounting your flat screen above the fireplace mantel is a good idea for a lot of reasons.
First off, especially when selling a house people are a little particular when it comes to fireplaces, be it natural or gas. The last thing they want to see above it is a big flat screen TV. If all your big objects that are the focal point of the room are all stacked on top of each other it will make that part of the room seem heavy. People like a room to flow.
Secondly, have you ever felt the wall around the chimney when there is a rip roaring fire going? Unless you're not using the fireplace..I'd be concerned about the heat that radiates through the wall; depending on how well the walls were built around the fireplace. Also you have the smoke factor. No matter what you can't prevent smoke from coming into the room and this can be harmful to electronics.
Third, I have to agree on the height thing. It's just too high for a TV unless your living room is so huge that you can have your couch on the other end of the room to make it easier for watching. But then you will end up with this huge empty space in the middle of the room which will look awkward.
In my opinion, I'd find another wall to mount the TV on. It would just be better all the way around.
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On the mantel, I can't see why not if it will fit and can be secured. As for anchoring to the wall, the concern would be the possibility of impinging into chimney or chimney fire brick, since rather long and robust screws would be needed for the mounting..
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I was thinking about just attaching it to the studs behind the wall because the chimney is covered with drywall. And I have to make a new mantel because the old one sucked so I just tore it down, I can just make the new one to fit. But I was just wondering if people thought that look looks good? I’m planning on selling the house in a couple years and want to get my moneys worth. Thanks for the anchoring it to the chimney Idea!
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Selling the house? And is the TV to stay with it? Or will be mounting be exposed or can it be concealed (used for mountihg TV, painting, or something) if not. I think that aesthetically, having a TV there could be okay. But, depending on firebox/mantel height, the TV might wind up too high for proper or comfortable viewing. Ideally one should looks straight head to see screen, not look up which can strain the neck. Most TVs are mounted too high, above fire opening seems even higher. Me?Not there
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Yeah thats what Ive been reading about it being too high. I was going to try and make a custom mantel that is lower then the original to try and eliminate those neck issues. Thanks again.

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