Was Mozart Buried In A Paupers Grave?


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This is a matter of some debate. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died at the young age (by our standards) of 35 from what was described to be 'rheumatic fever'.
The idea that he is buried in a paupers grave was first mooted by the Encylopaedia Britannica which indicares that he was buried in a multiple grave.
This has given rise to various history books and biographers stating that he had a very sad end to his life, dying too poor to afford a proper burial.
However, there is reason to beieve that this type of burial was quite common in Vienna at that time. It was seen to be space saving and more hygienic than single burials and indeed the price of single burials was such that only th eextremely wealthy could have afforded them.
So Mozart was indeed buried in a multiple grave, but this does not automatically mean that he had a pauper's grave !
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Whilst Mozart did indeed die a pauper - his great wealth came many years after his death - it was common practice at the time to bury all people outside of the city walls in mass graves - aside from the very rich who could afford their own cemetary. This had much to do with public health and the pest, and less to do with whether one was really a pauper or not.

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