How to download songs on my straight talk fone?


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If you want to put music onto your Straight Talk phone, you will have to download it first on your computer and then transfer it onto your phone. However it is possible to download ringtones and music tones directly to your Straight Talk phone by visiting
Other than ringtones, it does not appear to be possible to download music directly through your Straight Talk phone. Therefore you should first download the music on your computer, then transfer it onto your phone. You should make sure that the music format you download is not protected. Most Straight Talk models should play .mp3 and .wma music files, but they tend not to recognize other file formats.

Once you have downloaded the music onto your computer and want to transfer, you can follow one of these methods:

• Use your phone's Bluetooth connection to transfer the music across the two devices. Make sure that you have enabled Bluetooth on both your computer and your phone.

• Use a USB cable. If you do not have one already, they are readily available in stores and online for a relatively cheap price.

• Use a memory card such as a Micro SD card to add the music to your phone

Which method is most suitable will probably depend on which model of phone you have.

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