Im 13 and my mom wont even let me go to the movies with my crush, she says I should wait until im 15. I think thats a little unreasonable. What age do you think is reasonable?


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Jessica Johnson answered
I know exactly what you mean! My mom won't let me date until I'm 16 and I want to, but I respect her wishes. She is your mother, and mother knows best. Maybe you two could come to a compromise...? Like 14. In between both your wishes. Hope I helped!
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To me, age doesn't necessarily matter, it's the level of maturity you show when faced with certain situations. Your mom could just be worried about what could happen to you, if this is the case then show here that you are responsible and can handle seeing a movie with your crush; that you won't do anything stupid.
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Rachel Brewer answered
I'm 14 & my boyfriend & I have been dating for 6 months. :) Maybe you could reason with her. Make a deal with her, that if you & your boyfriend are still dating 6 months (or way less if you prefer) after you turn 14, that she lets you go to the movies with your boyfriend. This guy is my first REAL boyfriend. He comes over to my house, & I go over to his all the time. Our first date was to the movies, & Our second was to the fair with his parents. His family all loves me. :) We met while camping 45 minutes away from where we both live. :)
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I think you should sit down and TALK with you mom. Tell her that you want to drop all the formalities and talk like two old "friends". Let her know exactly what you WILL and WILL NOT do. Be willing to accept the TRUTH! Don't beat around the bush with each other. After all, she is worried that you will have unprotected sex with this person, which could cause a LOT of trouble for you down the road. Even if you don't get pregnant, you could contract a BAD disease or cause psychological troubles now and later on.  (But remember, most unwanted pregnancies start out with couples just going to the movies or somewhere together alone.)
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I know how you feel. My mom say's that i can't date till i'm 17. So you just have to earn her trust. Make her know that you won't do anything stupid. Just make her feel bad but also do not ask to go to the movies with your crush

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I think 15 is a reasonable age. But maybe your mom is just being a parent. I'm sure she'll eventually let you go soon.
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I think something as simple as the movies should be allowed at that age.  Anything more serious should wait.

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