What Was The Music During The Era Of The Great Depression?


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Blues, Jazz, Big Band and Swing were the most popular music genres during the great depression. In particular, the sound of Blues struck a chord with the desperate financial situation of the time. Artists' lyrics frequently featured themes of economic depression, due to the huge impact the Wall Street Crash had on people's lives. 

The Great Depression followed the Wall Street Crash which had occurred in 1929. It was a severe financial downturn and was the longest, most widespread and deepest recession of the 20th century.

Following the crash, international trade plummeted by more than 50%, and unemployment in the United States rose to almost 30%. Economic confidence hit rock bottom as did consumer spending and investment. As a result of this many people turned to music for comfort, and musicians increasingly began to include themes of economic hardship in their lyrics and songs.

The record industry had also been hit hard by the Depression. For example, in 1927 record sales had been around 104 million units, but by 1932 that had fallen to 6 million. The ultimate expression of Depression-era blues and a popular song of the time was "Depression Blues" by Tampa Red, recorded in 1931. The chorus of the song contains the lyrics:

"If I could tell my troubles, it may would give my poor heart ease. If I could tell my troubles, it may would give my poor heart ease. But depression's got me, somebody help me please."

Popular music genres in the great depression
- Blues

- Jazz

- Big Band

- Swing
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Jazz was the main genre of music listened to during the Great Depression.

Solo singers like Frank Sinatra became popular in the 1940s after they had to disband.

War songs were also listened to during the Depression.

Hope this helps, and I hope we don't hit a second Depression!
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During the Great Depression jazz, blues, swing and big band, musicals and theaters were popular.

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