Can Someone Help Me Find The Sheet Music For "Red Bean" By Faye Wong On Piano?


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You can find sheet music for Red Bean by Faye Wong at Everyone Piano online.

You can also find 'Red Bean' on, but you have to sign up for a free account and request the document from another user who has uploaded a 3 page PDF of the song's score.

Chords Haven is a good place to check out too.

When bestselling video game Final Fantasy VIII dropped in Japan in February 1999, Faye Wong became the first Chinese singer to sing the theme for a Japanese video game. 

The song, 'Red Bean' or Hong Dou is a ballad that was released the year before in October 1998 on Wong's album Scenic Tour. It became one of the biggest songs on the album covered over the world many times. 

Here are a few other Faye Wong songs from Youtube.

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