What is lighter a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks¿?


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Its the same because it still equals a ton. We only get confused because we know that a brick is obviously heavier than a feather. But there would probably be more feathers than bricks.
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When you give the tonnage are you giving it as a mass or a weight?  If mass then the stone will weigh more as mass only refers to how much material is there while weight is a measure of how much gravity effects it.  A ton(mass) of feathers will have less weight than the ton(mass) of stone simply because of feather's semi-buoyancy in gasses.  If you are giving ton as a weight then they both weigh the same.
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I would say they are the same
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Neither. Which is heavier. A pound of gold or a pound of feathers? Lol. (trick question)
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They are the same weight.  So they are are equal unless you are assuming lighter is being used in the sense of tint.
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IF you mean  (both adjectives) "light in weight", then neither.  If you mean "light in weight as compared to bulk", then the bricks.  If placed on a balance scale, which will be indicated as heavier, a pound of gold or a pound of sand?  And why?
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Ummmm judging by all the other answers I'm going to go crazy here... The TON of feathers weigh more then the TON of bricks.... Did I win?

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