What's everybody's favorite song!?


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Cyndi C. answered
Well, it is hard to say. I like a variety.....I guess my favorite would be
"Walk Through This World With Me", by George Jones......It reminds me of what my husband said to me back when he was 'courting' me......"you'll like it better over here, in my world", he said to me.....He can STILL be, very romantic!
Love, cyndi
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carrie answered
It depends on the moment and the mood. When I need to pick up my mood, AC/DC can usually do it. I like Tom Petty "American Girl" an awful lot to. But an absolute favorite? I can't say as there is any one song. It really depends on my mood. Just about anything except for rap or hip hop is good by me.
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I have so many....I love music very much so to say that I have one favorite would limit me to one genre...when I like almost all kinds of music.  There are some genre's that I don't care for....basically because if I can't sing along, or understand the words or it doesn't seem to even remotely sound like music...I don't like it.  And that's just me, my taste and my opinion....doesn't mean that others don't like it or think it is music to them.  My favorite songs are those that tell a story...and leave you with a good feeling, or pondering you life and what you could make it or what might be......thanks for the question!!! Janes
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nettie answered
Stairway to heaven..Ojays
can you stand the rain...Johnny gill and new edition
What a wonderful world.....Louis Armstrong
OH Friend...Phyllis Hyman
and many many more as I'm a junkie musically,so what are you doing putting a little bit of everyone on your music pod anyway the best to you
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Anonymous answered
Hot an cold by katie perry
Onetwo Bucklemyshoe Profile
I like pretty much all music (except for hard rock, punk, death metal, heavy metal, emo, screamo, or anything with yelling or bad lyrics lol), and I like alternative rock. Alternative is my favorite genre, but I also like a little bit of pop, Christian, jazz, country, hip hop, and reggae...everything! If I had to choose ten songs from my eccentric labyrinth, it would probably be these ones: "Bring It Back," "Tangled Up In Me," and "Sugar Guitar," all by my favorite singer of all time, Skye Sweetnam, "Cobrastyle," by Teddy Bears, "Boys of Summer," by The Ataris, "Strawberry Fields Forever," by The (legendary) Beatles, "Slipped Away," by Avril Lavigne, "Perfect," by Lights, "Drift Away," by Dobie Gray, and "Nine in the Afternoon," by Panic! At the Disco. I also like Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Datarock, Joss Stone, Kanye West, Dolores O'Riordan, The Cranberries, The Byrds, Tracy Bonham, OneRepublic, Dido, Journey, Mika, Fall Out Boy, Coldplay, Dashboard Confessional, Melanie Horsnell, and Cobra Starship...what can I say, I'm a music junkie!
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I love "Amazing Grace" and I love Christmas songs, especially Bing Crosby and Burl Ives.
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Anonymous answered
I love Amazing Grace and a lot of gospel songs and inspiration songs that will cause me to be inspire about life and cause me to look at things around me.
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Anonymous answered
I don't think I could choose just one, but I pulled out an old cd the other day and have been Jammin to it... Presidents of the Unites States of America Peaches....
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suman kumar answered
Ricky martin is my favorite singer , I like all his songs / albums especially O maria one, it's my favorite
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Anonymous answered
Hhmmmm.....really really hard to say. I love so much music, so many different types. I love Pop, rock, christian music, classical, Latin music is my favorite. I don't think I could pick just one song.
My ultimate fave song is & always will be DRIFT AWAY performed by many but never surpassed the original Dobie Gray...GREAT QUESTION MY FRIEND!!!  <3 NASSY
Marty Hampton Profile
Marty Hampton answered
"Oh Star" or "Breathe" by Paramore has been my favorite for about the last 6 months.  You should listen to it some time.  I also enjoy "Rodeo Clown" by Silverstein.
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Anonymous answered
Depends on the mood.  If I"m in an intergetic mood I like my rock.  God smack, Korn, Disturbed, metallica, three days grace, etc.  If I'm wanting to wind down I like calm rap.  Such as Notorious thugs ft. Notoroius b.I.g. Or some old snoop, dre, or pac.
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Anonymous answered
My favorite song is Indiana by Meg & Dia. The song is awesome. I have a soft spot for indie music.
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Selena Antell answered
Cat Stevens - Wild World, Linkin Park - I'm Breaking The Habit & In The End & What I've Done, Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven, Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven, Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love, Lily Allen - Littlest Things, Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up & In Your Eyes, Donna Lewis - I love You Always Forever, Santana - Maria Maria, Sting & The Police - When We Dance, Sugababes - Too Lost In You, Beverly Craven - I Listen To The Rain & Castle In the Clouds & Holding On, Nickelback - Rockstar, Fergie - BigGirls Don't Cry, Whitesnake - Is This Love, Madonna - Frozen, Korn - Word Up, Kylie Minogue - Red Blooded Woman, Paul McCartney - This Never Happened Before (From Lake House), Katie Melua - Closest Thing To Crazy, Timbaland - Apologize & Bounce, Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl, Vangelis - Last Of The Mohicans Theme, Van Morrisson - Into The Mystic, The Pretenders - Hymn To Her, Angry Anderson - Suddenly, Fleetwood Mac - Landslide & Big Love, Aerosmith - I Don't want to Miss A Thing, Jem - They... As you can tell I love music and would never be able to choose what my favourite is so I strated writing a few of my favourites down and got a bit carried away. Oh and there are lots more....in fact I just thought of another one. Evanescence - Immortal
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Maxine Chan answered
Broken Arrow by Pixie Lott, I got no satisfaction by The Rolling Stones, Breathe by Michelle Branch, We'll be a dream by We The Kings, There's got to be more to life by Stacie Orrico, I wish you loved me by Tynisha Keli, Whatever whenever by Shakira. Tell me bout it by Joss Stone, Piece of my heart by Janis Joplin, Fool for the city by Foghat, and Reach out by Hilary Duff.
Katrina Ferguson Profile
I would have to say One of my all time favorites is Dream On by The Oak Ridge Boys the other one is Wait by White Lion
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Anonymous answered
It's Alright Ma by Bob Dylan
God on Our Side by Bob Dylan
Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan
Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan
Hurricane by Bob Dylan
Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Soul to Squeeze by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Love Me Two Times by The Doors
Heroin by The Velvet Underground
Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground
Sunday Morning by Maroon 5
Sunday Morning by No Doubt
Just a Girl by No Doubt
Fell in Love with a Girl by The White Stripes
I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself by The White Stripes
The Hardest Button to Button by The White Stripes
Ball and Biscuit by The White Stripes
Ready to Start by Arcade Fire
Power Out by Arcade Fire
Black by Pearl Jam
Alive by Pearl Jam
Reign O'er Me by The Who
Crimson and Clover by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
Bad Reputation by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
Smells Like Teen Spirit by Patti Smith
Crazy by Ray LaMontagne
Be My Baby by The Ronettes
Be My Baby by John Lennon
Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel

(Some of those are covers.)

Enjoy. Or not.
Sara Schwebel Profile
Sara Schwebel answered
All time Favorite is
Santana & Nickelback - Into the night.
That song is me and my boyfriends song. My boyfriend said that the part "
Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell It was love from above that could save me from hell" described us so well Because I turned him into a better man.

Favorite for the week.
If I could do it again By Corey smith

Brittany Schlatt Profile
Mine is UB40~Can't help falling in love, all time favorite song!
Others I like a lot, too, Babyface~Everytime I close my eyes, Kathy Troccoli~Everything changes, No Doubt~Spiderwebs, Don Henely~Love almost ALL of his and The Eagles, but mostly, Sunset Grill, Those Shoes, and Taking you home.
Jon Cunningham Profile
Jon Cunningham answered
Curse Of Curves by Cute Is What We Aim For
Last Chance For Romance (My I Have This Dance) by Neil To Aldrin (Youtube)
Dawn Waterdrop Profile
Dawn Waterdrop answered
I really don't have a favorite...but Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Enrique Eglasias are deffinatly up at the top of my list :)
Lianna Lins Profile
Lianna Lins answered
My all-time fave song is pretty much 'Falling Slowly' by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. Such a beautiful song!!
But right now Damien Rice's 'The Blower's Daughter' is one that holds special meaning to me....the melody, music and lyrics are just perfect for what I'm going through ='|
Hayden Hansen Profile
Hayden Hansen answered
I like all those songs plus Love the Way You Lie, Lighters, Tonight Tonight, I Need a Doctor, Stereo Hearts, In the Dark (by Dev!), Grenade, If I Ain't Got You, My Heart Will Go On, Jar of Hearts, Apologize, Party Rock Anthem, Viva la Vida, Just Dance, Beat It, Fergalicious, Last Friday Night, I Kissed a Girl, I want to Go,You Make Me Feel, The Lazy Song, On the Floor, What the Hell, Smile, My Immortal, Born This Way, Again (by Flyleaf), Price Tag,  and Mr.Saxobeat. There may be more but I can't think of them right now. As you can see I like A LOT of songs.
Lucy Taylor Profile
Lucy Taylor answered
My gift and my curse-blood on the dance floor
fallen angels-black veil brides
knives and pens-black veil brides
hear me now-framing hanley
21 guns-green day
abigail-motionless in white
chelsea smile-bring me the horizon
scenekid-dot dot curve
hello facination-breathe carolina
love spit love-how soon is now
30seconds to mars-from yesterday
could tell a love-blessthefall
Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered
The Northern Lights by Annie Haslam. The most beautiful song ever written, YouTube it!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I like a lot my fave right now is lady ga ga poker face its awesome !!! I also like heartless by kayne west it's pretty cool
susie ai Profile
susie ai answered
Just can`t get enough-black eyed peas
e.t-katy perry ft. Kayne west
teenage dream-katy perry
super bass-nikki minaj
judas-lady gaga
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
No hands, six foot seven foot, waka waka, KATY PERRY ♥, Ariana Grande Grenade,
Put it down, What the hell, Innocence
abbey bruns Profile
abbey bruns answered
My favorite song right now is If I Die Young by The Band Perry. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift and my favorite band is Paramore. :)
max loy Profile
max loy answered
There are lots. But right now I am listening one of my favorites Sugarland - Life in a northern town.
Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered
Northern Lights by Renaissance/Annie Haslam - Quite simply the most beautiful song ever written  or sung. Youtube for it.
Tannis Mitchell Profile
Tannis Mitchell answered
Moon On The Water- Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad (Not really from a real band, but its from an anime. Thats just how awesome it is! XD)
Chris Brown-Look At Me Now
Lil Wayne-DaDaDa
Dr D-I Need A Doctor
Dr Dre-Kush
Dr D, Eminem-Forgot about Dre
Eminem-Puke(Reminds me of the guy I liked...Or like. I don't no. Confusing -__-)
Rihanna-Man Down
Rihana-California King Bed
(So much people are posting screamo bands, so what the hell! I'll do the same)
Kleerup-Until We Bleed (Not a screamo)
White Lies- Bigger then us(Not a screamo, either)
Enrique Iglesios- Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)
E I - Heartbeat
E I - Hero
Katy Perry - ET
And...Thats about it :DD
Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered
The best sing ever written or sung is "Northern Lights" by Annie Haslam/Renaissance. YouTube  for "Northern Lights" and Renaissance and HQ
susie ai Profile
susie ai answered
My favorite songs are run the world (girls) by beyonce , give me everything tonight by neyo pitbull afrojack and nayer and super bass by nikki minaj.
My favorite artists are katy perry drake neyo jenifer lopez and cascada
Janey Profile
Janey answered
"London Calling" by The Clash for the sound, Mick Jones' guitar playing, Paul Simenon's cool bassline, Topper Headon's precision drumming and the lyrics which captured the English post-punk scene of the late 70s perfectly.
Abby Piercy Profile
Abby Piercy answered
ALL IN-DUBBA JONNY <3 fave song of the moment, its amazing, listenn :}}
but fave song would proberly be shinedown-sound of madness, two totally different types of music but both great :) x
Janey Profile
Janey answered
Firestarter - The Prodigy.
Born Slippy - Underworld.
Hey Boy - Chemical Brothers.
Toxygene - The Orb.
Love Etc - Pet Shop Boys.
Brittany Schlatt Profile
Mine is UB40~Can't help falling in love, because I first heard when I was 4, but it cam out when I was 3, and I remember hearing that song for the first time in my mom's car and I said "Turn in up mommy, I love this song!" I immediately loved it.
Webkinz Profile
Webkinz answered
Army Of Love-Kerli
Here are the lyrics to the song.
Say it loud
(Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh)
We'd love to love to love you'
Love to love to love you'

Say it loud
(Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh)
We'd love to love to love you'
Love to love to love you'

So let's go on, let's go on
On and on for love
It is her newest song that got published in 2010. Go & look it up and tell me what you think. Tinkykools has a music video on it go check it out, Really cool.
So let's go on, let's go on
On and on for love
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Out of all those songs I like that you enjoy, I like ET by Katy Perry and Rolling in the deep by Adele, but for myself the songs I enjoy can be random from I do by Colbie Caillat to Super Bass by Nicki Minaj to Give a little by Hanson.
Brittany Schlatt Profile
My favorite song of all time is, UB40~Can't help falling in love, ever since I was 4! And I love the movie, Sliver, the song was on the soundtrack.
jamie wise Profile
jamie wise answered
I must say my favorite song this week would have to be,,,, "Play Your Cards Close To Your Chest" by Etienne Sin =)
Carleigh Fouquette Profile
ATM The Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic! At the Disco
Its what I've been listening to at least once a day latley - I love the video, the band, and just yea it B Cool
Kiara Harris Profile
Kiara Harris answered
Luka - suzanne vega

I don't know why there is just something about it :) makes me feel lucky yet I can somehow relate
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
My favorite song would have to be "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by green day. It describes exactly what my life is like and one of my fave anime characters life.
Kendra Profile
Kendra answered
Van Halen - Dreams. When I was little I love the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Movie and that song was on at the end when they were watching the fireworks show.
max loy Profile
max loy answered
I have a lot. But right now I a listening to Scorpions - Wind of change, one of my faves. I like the lyrics and the music. It's a nice song.
leeanzia Profile
leeanzia answered
Fly away by jojo too little too late by jojo and written to the stars by unknown
Janey Profile
Janey answered
Born This Way by Lady Gaga for her cool lyrics, dance rhythms and amazing music video !
Kaitlin Bleh Profile
Kaitlin Bleh answered
I like so many artists, and it changes all the time, but as of now my new obsession is Jesse McCartney :) And fave song is Shake by him.
Janey Profile
Janey answered
It would have to be either "London Calling" by The Clash or "When The Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin.  Both songs are classics with seminal lyrics and riffs that influenced a generation.
kerin jones Profile
kerin jones answered
My favorite song is "Knocking on heaven's door" by Avril. It is really heart touching song. If you watch its video it will make you cry.
Janey Profile
Janey answered
"London Calling" by The Clash for the lyrics, Mick Jones' guitar playing, Paul Simenon's cool bassline and the fact that it captures perfectly the English post-punk scene of the late 70s.
Da Neen Da Mean Profile
Da Neen Da Mean answered
Star Spangled Banner sung by me of course. I HATE it when people get the words wrong. My 5 year old neice knows the words better than some performers.
Roger Cunningham Profile
My favourite song is Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. Some people will tell you it's an album, not a song, but I consider it to be one long song (though not long enough).
Viva La Vida Profile
Viva La Vida answered
VIVA LA VIDA by Coldplay!!! Everytime I think of it I think of traveling to faraway places because that is the ONLY song I listen to on trips. It mays me feel Happy!!! ;]
Neji Shaul Profile
Neji Shaul answered
Well I bet know 1 has even herd of this band but I LOVE EVEANSCENCE!!!!!! And the lead singers names Amy Lee!!! However I HATE!!!!!! JB!!!!!! GROSS EWWW!!!!!! HEs STUPID, there I said it. Lol =)
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
I have a lot of favorite songs but I like We are the Champions by Queen and for some artists I like Christina Aguilera, Ashlee Simpson, Demi Lovato, Taylor Momsen, The Veronicas, Ne-yo, Jesse Mccartney, Nirvana, and 30 Seconds to Mars.
bluebaby rene Profile
bluebaby rene answered
Etana, alaine, carimi  vybz kartel... Hmm like superbass, pou tout mavie and pa lesse mwen...don't if you know any of those artist or sngz

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